A Healing Grace

Healing families with grace and faithfulness through God.

 Lilly had a brain tumor removed in September 2015.  Lilly was diagnosed with with Medulloblastoma. 

 After surgery  Lilly suffered complications and is slowly recovering from Cerebral Mutism.  Cerebral Mutism is characterized by severely diminished or absent speech output as well as other neurological, cognitive, and behavioral impairments. She is regaining her speech but 
is still unable to walk without assistance. 

She is currently a patient at St.Jude's in Memphis TN.  Lilly is home now and she returns to St. Jude every 3 months for scans until the year 2020.  
 This is a marathon that is FAR from over. Lilly struggles DAILY with nausea and violent vomiting. Lilly has a long road ahead with physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and many other new adjustments to her daily life.

We ask for Prayers that Lilly's body remains cancer free and recovers from the Cerebral Mutism. We appreciate and covet your prayers! Thank you for continuing to support Lilly Grace and her family through all of this!