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Our Story

My family’s life changed September 23rd, 2015. I remember getting the phone call. I was in my closet putting clothes away. “Lilly’s tumor will require radiation and chemotherapy after surgery.”

Lilly was only 8 years old. We were told they found a tumor at the base of her brain but, until I heard the word chemotherapy, I refused to believe it was cancer. Maybe I was in denial? That day was like someone picked up my entire family and shook them upside down.

Cancer is a horrible thing! However, good can come out of anything, even cancer. A Healing Grace grew from the needs that my family had dealing with our loved one having cancer. We quickly found out that there were no programs to guide us. Social workers were present, but their main focus was the patient. As a family we didn't know how to carry on with "Normal Life". What are we supposed to do next? How can we help? How are we supposed to feel? The truth is, when someone is severely sick in the family, the whole family is sick too. A Healing Grace’s Mission Statement is: Healing families with grace and faithfulness through God. 

Our Vision

To help families adjust to life after a child close to them has been diagnosed with cancer.

To be an advocate in the advancement of childhood cancer treatment options, and to inspire our world to take actions against childhood cancer.

To develop resources to help people everywhere affected by childhood cancer.

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